6 Steps Toward A Perfect Marquee Wedding Reception.

By Posted in - Wedding Marquees on September 14th, 2017 marquee-wedding-hire-cake

The ceremony is over, and the couple is together at last, and now it time to head to the reception so everyone can celebrate the marriage! Receptions are great places, they’re always full of joy, congratulations, and celebrations most of all, and at the heart of all of this is the newlyweds, whose union brings all of these people together. Outdoor wedding receptions are becoming more and more common, and there are a few tricks of the trade to making your marquee wedding reception really shine, and we’re about to go through them now.



The food you have for the guests is very important, as it not only sustains them but also shows how much thought you put into your guests’ needs. Plenty of vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and fructose free food is available for all is a good indicator that you’ve catered to everyone’s needs, and nobody is going to cause a fuss about the diversity of food to either of the newlyweds at their reception.



Maybe you’re the type to follow the tradition of the first dance between the new couple, maybe you just like having a boogie. Either way, music is the way to go for your reception, and hiring musicians, while classy, is also a lot more expensive than hiring a speaker system. Getting yourself some beats and grooving away on the dance floor is a great way to spend the night, so don’t worry about getting a band to play, just get yourself some audio devices.



Often taken for granted, an even floor is present in most places, even road surfaces can be walked on with little fear of tripping, but a grassy plain with a marquee on it is likely to be severely uneven, especially if it resides out in the country and the paddock is usually used for livestock or horses. Hiring a floor does away with the need to explain to the paramedic how your great aunt twisted her ankle in a dip in the ground at your wedding reception.



A reception without seating is like a wedding without a couple to marry – seemingly pointless. The whole idea behind a reception is to allow the new couple to receive guests for the first time as a couple, so not having tables and chairs to sit at while they eat seems like a bad idea. Hiring tables and chairs isn’t tricky, so unless there’s a theme for the reception that forbids seating, it’s a safe bet to go with that you’ll need some.



Parties go on and on, and the better they are, the longer they go for. You could be married and at the reception by mid morning and still, watch the sunset from that marvelous marquee, so it’s safe to say that getting some lighting installed in your marquee is probably a good move. Illuminate your guests and make it safe to navigate the dance floor once more.



Finally, a chilly night can negatively impact even the nicest of receptions, so to make sure your guests aren’t rugged up all night, provide some heating to your friends and family. A heater for a large area such as the inside of a marquee is available from lots of places, but best to ask your marquee provider first to make sure it’s safe for the material.


With these steps, you have yourself a wonderful reception planned. Don’t wait any longer, write up that guest list and get planning!