How to Plan a Marquee Wedding Reception in Melbourne.

By Posted in - Events & marquee hire & Wedding Marquee on May 31st, 2019 Wedding marquee hire

You’ve said “I do” and now you’re planning for the biggest day of your life. Making the decision to plan a marquee wedding means that you can truly personalise your venue and save some money in the process. It also means that you will need to undertake some careful planning to ensure everything runs smoothly allowing you to be able to relax and enjoy your big day when it comes. Below are some key points to consider when planning your marquee wedding.


Getting married in Melbourne allows you the luxury of choice. The backdrop for your big day could be anything you’d like it to be. Once you know what your backdrop will be you can plan a theme around this. How about the Royal Botanic Gardens? A ready made beautiful location with stunning scenery to plan your natural, floral theme around.


There are many sizes and styles of marquee to choose from and this should be your next step when planning. It’s recommended that you look for wedding marquee hire companies approximately 12 months before your wedding to ensure that it’s available for you. The most two common styles of marquees are the teepee style pointed marquee and the classic white marquee both can be personalised to create your perfect venue.


Now you have chosen your perfect marquee and the ideal location for your wedding it’s worth considering how you and your guests will get there. This is especially poignant if you’ve chosen a more rural location within Melbourne. Classic buses and coaches are a great way to make sure your guests arrive in style but if that doesn’t fit in with your theme make sure there’s ample parking. Ample parking and a clear path to the venue, there’s nothing worse than wading through the mud in your brand new wedding heels.


How will the party of the year be powered? Most couples choose to hire generators which is the most cost effective method of powering your wedding reception. It’s a good idea to make contact with your suppliers (caterers, DJ etc.) to see how much power they will need so you can get the right size generator. For a little extra you can hire a silenced generator to get rid of any unwanted noise pollution that poses a risk to your perfect day.


Planning the perfect marquee wedding takes time and careful consideration. Thinking about these four key aspects will guide you to your dream day and take the stress out of planning your wedding.