Brighton Marquee Hire.

Living or partying in Brighton is terrific fun, but like all coastal towns, the Australian sun carries with it a significant risk of sunburn and associated complications. Nevertheless, we, like all Brighton locals, love this suburb and so do other Melburnians. Many head to Brighton for communal gatherings, barbecues, and celebrations – and we think that’s great! However, we also think that people deserve to enjoy everything Brighton has to offer without the concern of the sun burning them and their friends. Which is why our marquee hiring service has your comfort in mind.

With Brighton Beach being one of the most popular beach locations in Melbourne, Marquee Monkeys has the solution to all your solar concerns. Our Brighton marquee hire means that we can provide beautiful, shady, roomy marquees for any and all events! Contact us today!


Top Quality Brighton Marquee Hire

We believe in affordable events. Good vibes with minimum cost. Our company has a long and proud history of satisfied clients, and stellar parties. There’s no party, gathering, or event we can’t handle, and it all comes at some of the best prices in the market. When you hire us you get amazing deals in the following areas:


Marquee Sizes

Not all parties are created equal, both in terms of quality and attendance. A get-together with some extended family probably won’t have the same space demands as a beach wedding and reception, for instance.

No matter the gathering size, Marquee Monkeys are guaranteed to have a marquee hire in Brighton to suit you. Basic sizes include 6 and 10 metre wide marquees, both of which come in length increments of 3 metres up to a maximum of 30 metres. Our 15 metre marquees come in length increments of 5 metres, also up to a maximum of 30.


Clear Span Marquees

A “clear span” marquee is a marquee that has a clear roof. These are popular for a variety of reasons. The most basic reason for their popularity is that they allow more natural light in creating a lighter, airier feel to your event. The second is that the clear plastic over the marquee frame creates a very unique aesthetic, and often provides another element of depth to the design of the event. The final reason is the weather.

Clear span marquee hire in Brighton are very popular for events that take place outside in the elements. In spring and summer, you and your loved ones can enjoy clear blue skies and a bright sun with wistful clouds drifting along. In autumn, you may be treated to the falling leaves and comfortable cold. While in winter the rain forms a delicate dance for guests to be hypnotised by as they gaze freely at the downpour. We haven’t even mentioned the effect that a clear span marquee can have on a party at night with some beautiful lighting. Simply gorgeous.


Competitive Pricing

Our prices are some of the most competitive in the industry, meaning that no matter what we organise together, you’ll be getting some real value. Something that makes Marquee Monkeys different from other companies is that we don’t offer packages. That’s right, there’s no paying a huge price for things you don’t need, no padding, no set themes, no superfluous decor or additions you don’t want or need. Instead we take our time in working with you, paying close attention to your vision for your event and working from the ground up to establish an aesthetic, and then giving you the best price possible for what you need and want from us. This means that not only is your event a singular experience, but that the costs are the best you will find them.


Our Process

Organising a part is difficult enough, we’re not about to make it harder on you by giving you an over long, drawn out hiring process. At Marquee Monkeys, we have a 6 step process for Brighton marquee hire that is simple, lets us do most of the work, and gets you the best value for money.



1. Initial Consultation

Here is our first meeting. This is where we get to know you, and the ins-and-outs of what it is you’re looking for. Here we clear up the exact location for your Brighton marquee hire, requirements, your general vision of the event, as well as number of guests, and more.

2. Onsite Meeting

We meet again, but this time at the actual site of the event. This allows us to take measurements, discuss finer points of the event, find out about any constraints that may impede or restrict certain choices, and gather general data that helps us in planning your event.

3. Finalised Planning

Here we collect the information from our meetings into a solid plan that ensures everything is correct and we have the right thought processes around your event.

4. CAD Design

Using CAD (Computer Aided Design) software, we construct a plan of your event, allowing you to get a preview of what you’re ordering to make absolutely sure that this is the event you want.

5. Supply & Installation

The day of the event is here! We go to the approved location with all our gear in tow, and we set it all up! You don’t have to lift a finger!

6. Removal and Review

After the event our crew clears everything away. We pack up chairs, tables, lights, the marquee, anything that you hired from us and take it back to our centre of operations. We then review the event to assess your satisfaction with our service, hopefully addressing any pain points you may have had.


Why Marquee Monkeys for Marquee Hire in Brighton

One of the foremost reasons we are one of the highest rated party-supply businesses in Melbourne is because of one simple word – adaptability.

Brighton is an upscale, beautiful town with a gorgeous beach full of fun and many other amazing attractions. Our sheer range of marquees and party supplies, and our unique hiring process means that we can tackle any event, of any size, anywhere in Brighton.

With our dedicated service, range of equipment and marquees, expertise, and satisfaction guaranteed hiring process, the answer to “why Marquee Monkeys?” is simple:

Why not?

So if you’re in need of marquee hire in Brighton, give us a call on 1300 934 414 today!