Dance Floor Hire.


Let’s say you’ve got your event sorted out and your marquee and decor and everything is looking amazing. But then you get a brain-wave, a sudden moment of realisation. A floor. Better yet, a marquee flooring option. After all, a marquee is a wall and a roof that can be erected anywhere, where are your guests going to stand? On the grass? On the bare concrete?

Marquee Monkeys have got your dance floor hire services covered. Whether it be an elegant soirée or a bohemian-style standing room event, we’ve got the marquee flooring options that will get your party moving and comfortable.

Scroll below to browse our range of party floor hire and marquee flooring options.

How to Personalise Your Event’s Marquee Flooring

1. Let’s say you’ve got a beautiful culinary mixer going on. Lots of standing and chatting while holding glasses of wine and plates of crudites. When looking at what party floor to hire you’ll likely be looking for that extra dash of elegance. That’s where our Timber or White Wash Floors come into it, contributing the stark beauty of wonderful timber veneers or white and grey wood grain. Not only are these floors suitable for elegant, upscale events such as weddings, but they make wonderful dance floors, perfectly suited to events with a band or DJ. Give your party the space to get their groove on with some of the best dance floor hire in Melbourne.

2. Or if you’re looking for a more casual party floor for hire, why not try our carpeted floors? These carpeted options can offer a more relaxed vibe, providing a soft, comfortable standing room for guests. Some good food, relaxing music, and casual conversation on these floors can really make a party somewhere family and friends can just enjoy the simple goodness of kind company.

3. Want something even more relaxed? How about no floor! We don’t mean that literally, but our synthetic turf floors are a wonderful option for a party that wants to keep things casual and comfortable, enjoying the feeling of grass on bare feet, without the mess, mud, and bugs of actual grass.

No matter the atmosphere, Marquee Monkeys can deliver. Our beautiful marquee flooring range is coupled with our impeccable marquees and decorations are incredible vibe-setters, and will contribute to a party or event that people will remember all their lives.

Not only that, but we also offer staging set up, so the band or DJ you’ve hired can have the stage they deserve! Browse our party floors for hire below.