Tables & Chairs.


Your marquee is more than just a good and easy shelter for your party. It’s a statement. In a world where parties and events are typically held at a walled-in event hall or other some such over-priced  venue, a marquee is a statement. Having a party out in the open but with all the comforts of a traditional venue is luxurious. It feels unique, sitting in a comfy chair with a lovely table full of wonderful food and drink, outside in all of nature’s splendour and glory. It’s a singularly beautiful experience, one your guests will value forever. Scroll below to see our range of options or book now to reserve the finest marquee table and chair hire available!


Of course, event table hire companies do exist, but if you’re already getting a marquee with us, why not check out our tables too? We have a huge variety of designs available for hire, including bar tables, trestle tables, round tables, hairpin tables, benches, and more! All of our options are unique and can provide a great surface for food and drink.

If you’re looking to include a bar at your event, our range of bar benches will surely carry something to suit your event’s aesthetic. Whether it’s the herringbone, black hairpin, or white hairpin bar bench, there’s wonderful options for all parties. But our party table hire capabilities don’t end there! We’ve also got large sit-and-dine experiences covered. Planning a rustically themed wedding? Try out our vintage trestle table, offering the space and efficiency of a trestle table, with the beautiful honey tones of timber and wood grain.

We also offer round tables for more spread out dining arrangements, while our round bar marquee tables create a simultaneously elegant and casual setting. Marquee Monkeys carry all party venue needs, starting at the most amazing venues, and including decorations, tables, and of course, marquee chairs.


Of course if you’re having marquee tables at your event it’s likely that you’ll need marquee chairs for your guests to sit on while they’re using them. After all, standing room only can be difficult for some, and Marquee Monkeys boast some of the most comfortable chair hire in Melbourne.

We have marquee chairs for every event and every price range. There’s nothing we can’t deliver on. From the humble plastic stacking chair, to elegant stools and comfortable couches. If your event is likely to run on into the small hours of the evening, it’s likely your guests will want to remain comfortable. To this end, the hamilton lounge chair, or hamilton 3 seat lounge chair is a wonderful addition to any long-running party.

Above we mentioned that we stock multiple bar benches, well it’s fortunate then that we also offer a plethora of bar stools and seats. If you’ve gone with one of the hairpin bar tables, we have a wide range of hairpin stools to match, creating a unified aesthetic. Or if you’re looking for something a little more elegant, the crossback bar stool is a unique and beautiful addition to any party. For something a little more on the rustic side, we also have teak timber stools.

A particular favourite of ours are our bentwood chairs. Whether white or black, these chairs for hire provide excellent support in a uniquely beautiful package. These chairs are all curves, and offer an Alice-In-Wonderland vibe to your party.

Feel free to examine our marquee chairs and marquee tables options below, and examine our prices. We are confident that you will find something that suits your party’s atmosphere, and when you do you can organise the use of said marquee chairs with us through our comprehensive booking process. No matter what, Marquee Monkeys will make sure that your event stays in the minds of your guests for years to come.



Our chairs range from sturdy bar stools to soft padded banquet chairs, adding variety and comfort suited to any occasion.