How To Inject The Fun Factor Into Your Next Corporate Event

Two people holding drinks at corporate event outdoors

Corporate events are more than just formal gatherings; they are opportunities to boost team morale, enhance company culture, and build stronger relationships among colleagues. Making these events fun and engaging is crucial for achieving these goals. This guide provides tips on how to inject the fun factor into your next corporate event, ensuring it’s memorable and effective.

Creative Ideas to Give Your Corporate Function an Edge

To make your corporate event stand out, consider incorporating unique elements like photobooths, creative menus, and personalised gift bags. Here are some ideas on how to make corporate events fun:

  • Photo Booths with fun props and backgrounds. Check out our party hire options for more ideas.
  • Creative menu concepts like themed food stations or gourmet food trucks.
  • Personalised gift bags with branded items and thoughtful gifts.


Hosting Events Outdoors

Outdoor events offer a refreshing change from the usual indoor settings, providing fresh air, natural scenery, and ample space for activities. When choosing an outdoor venue, consider locations that offer both open spaces and sheltered areas in case of adverse weather.

The benefits of hosting outdoor for the corporate events include:

  • Fresh air and natural light boost mood and energy.
  • More space for activities and movement.
  • Natural scenery enhances the event’s ambiance.


Tips for Choosing the Right Outdoor Venue:

  • Ensure the venue has necessary facilities (restrooms, electricity, etc.). Consider our corporate marquee hire services for reliable electricity setups.
  • Check for weather contingencies (shelters, marquees).
  • Consider accessibility and transportation for all attendees.


Regular Follow-ups and Building Anticipation:

  • Send out teasers and updates leading up to the event to build anticipation for your fun corporate event.
  • Follow up with attendees after the event to gather feedback and share memories.



Incorporating Activities

Activities are the heart of any engaging corporate event. They should be interactive, fun, and suitable for all attendees. From team-building exercises to interactive games and entertainment, the right activities can make your event unforgettable.

More creative ideas that can energise your corporate event include:

  • Icebreaker games to get everyone mingling.
  • Team-building exercises to foster collaboration.
  • Interactive entertainment like photo booths or VR experiences. Check out our audio and extras services for additional entertainment options.


Customising Activities Based on the Audience:

  • Consider the interests and preferences of your attendees.
  • Mix physical activities with more relaxed ones to cater to different energy levels.
  • Ensure activities promote interaction and engagement among participants.


incorporating activities for your corporate event


Providing Food and Water

Catering is a critical component of any corporate event. Ensuring that guests are well-fed and hydrated keeps energy levels up and helps create a positive atmosphere. This can be:

Themed Food Stations (e.g., Italian, Mexican, Asian):

  • Interactive food experiences (e.g., build-your-own tacos or pasta stations).
  • Healthy snack options to keep guests energised throughout the event.


Themed Snacks and Beverages:

  • Creating a menu that complements your event theme.
  • Offering a variety of options to cater to different dietary needs.
  • Consider integrating fun elements like signature cocktails or a coffee bar.


food and drinks for your corporate event


Considering Guest Demographics

Understanding your audience is key to planning a successful event. Tailoring activities and amenities to suit different demographics ensures everyone has a good time.

  • Ensure activities are suitable for the age range of attendees.
  • Consider interests and hobbies when planning activities.
  • Provide options that cater to different fitness levels.


Using Marquees for Corporate Events

Marquees provide a versatile and weather-proof solution for outdoor events. They can be customised to fit the theme and size of your event, offering a comfortable and stylish space for guests.

  • Decorating Ideas: Use lighting, banners, and themed decorations.
  • Layout tips: Arrange seating and activity areas for optimal flow.
  • Weatherproofing: Ensure the marquee is equipped for different weather conditions. Our clear span marquees are excellent for all weather conditions.



By incorporating these tips, you can transform your corporate event into a fun, engaging, and memorable experience. Whether you’re hosting outdoors, planning interactive activities, or using corporate marquees to enhance the venue, thoughtful planning and creativity are key.

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