The Wedding Wallet: Are Marquee Weddings Cheaper?.

By Posted in - Marquee Hire & Wedding Marquees on November 29th, 2019 Wedding Marquee Hire Melbourne

Every part of the proposal is perfectly immortalised in that sweet, surprising moment. Although once the rings slide on, so begins the wedding planning phase. Wedding planning is also a momentous time in your life, but it can come with some serious stress, money chief among them. When you write the guest list and discuss your must-haves, it can be an overwhelming idea to spend so much on one day. If you are looking at having a marquee wedding for the big day and wondered ‘are marquee wedding cheaper’, here is what you can expect by choosing this option.

Forget about ‘minimum spend’ and ‘room hire’

Chances are you have seen more than a handful of venues at this point, and have arrived here rather exasperated. Some venues are fantastic, but come with a number in the high thousands that is required as a ‘minimum spend.’ Meeting a high minimum spend can be a stressful task, and it often means that couples are adding things in that they don’t necessarily need. Given it’s a venue, the minimum spend can only cover food, beverage and room hire, and so trying to spend more in this area can reduce your budget for entertaining, florals and everything else. Choosing a brick and mortar venue can be beautiful, but the average cost of a marquee wedding will come with a flat fee to hire between $8,000 and $18,000, rather than hiding any fees or minimums spends. We keep it simple and transparent at Marquee Monkeys, so you can plan for the rest of your wedding.

Save money on styling

Any wedding planner will tell you that the cost of styling can be never-ending. You want to make your ceremony and reception space look as beautiful as can be, and some venues need a lot of love to achieve this. The benefit of a marquee wedding is that your styling is done for you! Depending on where you choose to pitch your marquee, the classic white frame will be open to facilitate views of the water, gardens or vineyards. Most brides and grooms will weave some beautiful festoon lighting through the frame, scatter some florals on the table and hire some Tiffany chairs. Voila, your styling is done at a tidy sum without compromising on your theme and desires.

Achieve a relaxed and casual wedding

If you were to ask what a typical wedding looked like, it would be hard to define it as any one thing. The truth is, weddings look and feel very different from what once was traditional. Many couples are exploring casual formats, like share meals, canape-only weddings, and even a lunch or morning reception. These modern weddings are perfectly suited to a marquee, as they still carry the opulence and occasion, without the price tag that would come with something a little more casual. This cannot be replicated in a venue as seamlessly, making a marquee wedding the right choice for this format, and ultimately a cheaper option.

At Marquee Monkeys, we want to give you your dream wedding and create a magical day that you’ll remember forever. Let’s start planning an affordable wedding, without compromising on a single detail. Contact our Marquee Monkey team on 1300 934 414 to find out more.