The Wedding Wallet: Are Marquee Weddings Cheaper in 2024?

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With several available marquee wedding venues in the market, the ultimate question becomes whether getting a marquee just might be a cheaper option for the day. While marquee weddings offer plenty of flexibility and a customised atmosphere, in general, it will cost in relation to the size of the marquee, the location, and any other things needed to make the day special.

So, are marquee weddings cheaper than the traditional weddings in 2024? This guide consolidates relative costs and insights to help you make the most ideal and budget-friendly approach when comparing marquee weddings to traditional venue options.


How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Marquee?


There are various types of marquees that you can choose for your wedding day that meet all your unique and individual style and size requirements for the number of guests on your list.

However, one must be informed of the different factors that influence the cost of hiring a wedding marquee. This guide consolidates relative wedding marquee costs and insights to help you make the most ideal and budget-friendly approach when comparing marquee weddings to traditional venue options.


Average Cost & Capacity A Wedding Marquee Hire


The costs of hiring a wedding marquee will differ according to size and further configurations; however, it is easier and clearer to hire a marquee than opting for an all-inclusive venue.

For instance, the average cost of a marquee wedding hire is a flat fee, varying from around $8,000 to $18,000, depending on the size taken, and there are no hidden extras or minimums at Marquee Monkeys. Thus, it is very clear, allowing you to prepare a good budget with no stress over your expenses.

The most common popular sizes when it comes to marquees for wedding hire are those that cater to 60 to 150 guests, which gives good space for dining, dancing, and mingling. View our full marquee hire price list for a more comprehensive guide to our marquee options, and for a more accurate calculation of pricing.


Size and Style Considerations


The expenses one would incur in hiring a marquee to host their weddings will largely depend on several various factors but mainly:


  • Size and Style of Marquee: The size and style of the marquee are determined by your guest list and the general style of your wedding; hence this can affect your cost.


  • Location and Setup Requirements: Costs may vary between delivery locations and the level of complexity required in setups.


From the traditional and classy to modern and custom, a variety of marquee styles meet many a wedding theme and many a pocket. The right choice of a marquee creates the aesthetics for your event, and the assurance is that all elements of your venue are personalised to your style and vision.

Elegant marquee wedding setup with white drapery, chandeliers, and beautifully arranged dining tables surrounded by lush greenery in an outdoor setting which will influence the average costs of a marquee wedding.

Additional Costs When Hiring Marquee For Wedding


Enhancing the customisation of your marquee can significantly improve both comfort and aesthetics. This includes adding stylish tables and chairs such as Hairpin Bar Benches and elegant Bar Tables, which contribute to the overall functionality and charm of your event space.

Incorporating various sizes of Round Tables and Vintage Trestle Tables allows for flexible layout and design, accommodating everything from grand banquets to casual seating arrangements.


Comprehensive Cost Considerations


While hiring a marquee for your wedding may appear more of a budget-friendly option initially, wedding marquee costs can also come with a wide range of additional costs:

Setting up and packing down 

Most hires of marquees include some amount of time for setting up and packing down, which might vary from a few hours to a whole day or more, depending on the style of your set-up and how elaborate your decorations are. It might be charged extra for extended hiring periods.


Total customisation

Unlike venues such as manor houses, barns, and hotels, which come with essentials, a marquee hire will require not only furniture but catering equipment, decorations, and even portable toilets. This allows for the degree of personalization that could result in a unique space, yet at the same time, it may lead to potentially higher expenses if not properly managed.


Seasonal fluctuations

It is just the same with conventional wedding venues: marquee hire can be very much cheaper in summer and at weekends, which are consequently busier times with more demand, than in winter and on weekdays.


Hidden Costs


Knowing exactly all the wedding marquee costs involved in planning an event will not only help safeguard against running beyond the budget but will also ensure effective planning for the event, more so where the event involves a marquee.

These hidden costs can quickly build up the basic quoted prices and turn what seems to be a simple case of spending into a financial headache: 


Permits and Regulations

Depending on the location, you might need several permits, especially when the marquee is installed in a public space. Most of the time, the costs and availability may be much higher or lower at a different time of the year or location. This can only be determined by checking in advance with local authorities to know all legal requirements and all possible fees.


Power and Lighting

Power requirements for catering, entertainment, lighting and heating are some of the areas in which consideration has to be taken for electrical power usage. Generators may have to be hired which could incur extra cost in areas without a power supply. Proper planning with full knowledge about the amount of power needed can be done so that proper allocation of resources is possible, with the proper mechanism for cost estimation.

Luxurious marquee wedding interior featuring peach drapes, a grand floral chandelier, and elegant round tables with floral centrepieces under soft lighting which can influence the marquee hire costs.

Weather Considerations and Additional Infrastructure


The event manager must understand how these often overlooked but very crucial details can impact the marquee wedding you are hosting. Several factors will play a critical role in the type of tent and extra utilities that can be used when organising an event, depending on the external conditions influencing the event as well as setting the right ambience for your big event such as:


Weather Preparedness

A lot of thought should go into the outdoor setting for weather conditions. Cost factors can be enough preparations, such as heating, cooling, and special marquee features with solid walls or clear panels. 

More than mere add-ons, these are essentials to address changing climate conditions so that the event can push through come rain or shine and make it suitable for all the participants involved.


Sound and Privacy 

Marquees generally allow for less sound insulation than indoor venues, and this may require a bit more planning around location and noise control to minimise disturbance to local areas. 

This is a major worry about sound in a marquee when the latter is located in a highly concentrated, quiet residential area: think about the echo of music and guests. 

Such placements and available soundproofing options make these problems a thing of the past if they are implemented properly, offering privacy and enjoyment to all attendees and the surrounding community.




The question that begets to answer is, “Are marquee weddings cheaper than traditional weddings”? That is up to you to decide what type of wedding would you like to be remembered for. Being well informed of such comprehensive factors as seasonal variation, additional amenities, and permits that can influence the wedding marquee hire costs can be of great help in planning your special day without any stress. 

It is very important to pick the right extras, know all possible costs, and prepare for weather conditions to make the event memorable and successful.

We are committed to helping you wade through these aspects so that your special day is not only beautiful but also cost-effective.


At Marquee Monkeys, we want to give you your dream wedding and create a magical day that you’ll remember forever. Let’s start planning an affordable wedding, without compromising on a single detail. Contact our Marquee Monkey team on 1300 934 414 to find out more.

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