Toorak Marquee Hire.

The town of Toorak is a wonderful, upscale town. With heralds to the town’s history evident in the architecture of the mansions peppered throughout the 2980 km2 the town has developed a reputation as an elite suburb, home to many of Australia’s well known politicians, celebrities, philanthropists, cultural icons, and sportspeople.

With such a reputation for finery, why would you want to have a party, gathering, or wedding reception anywhere other than your own backyard? After all, with such a beautiful town and such wonderful, upscale surroundings, why not just enjoy the comfort and familiarity of your own home? If you’re looking for something to give your reception that extra edge have you considered the use of a marquee Contact us today!

The Marquees That Toorak Will Love

You may be wondering “why a marquee?” And in short the answer has to be “why not?” Our Toorak marquee hire offer affordable and effective shelter from the elements for a range of events, and because of the nature of their construction they can be set up practically anywhere, any time. No matter how many people you have, it’s more than likely we’ve got a marquee size that will be able to suit it, and the types of marquees all offer a range of benefits depending on the type of gathering you’re having. Got a backyard party where people may just need a brief reprieve from the elements? A standard marquee will sort you out. Got an event that’s likely to run long into the night and you want your guests to be able to enjoy the changing of the light? Clear Span marquees have you covered. Got a party that’s going to get rowdy? Big marquees will make sure that there’s enough room for party goers, DJ, and lights!

Not only this but when set up right and decorated appropriately, a marquee brings a touch of class and elegance to any event, and their versatility means that majesty can be found at any event.

How To Hire Toorak Marquees

If you’re looking for marquee hire in Toorak, we can’t tell you how other companies do it, but at Marquee Monkeys when you hire us we do our utmost to make sure that you’re not only satisfied by our services, but that your event will be something lodged into the memories of your guests for years to come.



1. Initial Consultation

At our first meeting we get a general, broad overview of your party. This includes what the party is for, how many people are coming, how long it’s going to go for, the location, etc. This is the data that we use to generate a rough idea of what you may require, and also sets some parameters for the following processes.

2. Onsite Meeting

Our second meeting will take place at the actual site of the event for your Toorak marquee hire. This will allow us to more accurately estimate the maximum capabilities of what your party will require, and how we can best satisfy that need, as well as any additional elements that we think you might like.

3. Finalised Planning

With the gathering of data complete, we put together a final concept of what your party looks like on paper. We list out the items that we’ve been exploring, and come up with an initial calculation.

4. CAD Design

This is one of our favourite parts of the process, and a unique part of our hiring procedure. We take the information gathered in the first couple of meetings and our finalised estimations, and we essentially mock up your party in CAD (Computer Aided Design) software. This allows you to see a projection of what your event will look like before finalising your order, ensuring you get exactly what you pay for.

5. Supply & Installation

On the day of the event, we bring everything agreed upon and set it up. Once the event is over, we come back and pack it all away. No effort from you at all beyond the planning!

6. Removal and Review

Once we’re packed everything up, we take it back to our supplies, and allow you the opportunity to let us know how satisfied you were with our service and products. Customer satisfaction is our primary concern from the first to the last!

Why Marquee Monkeys for Toorak Marquee Hire

For sure you could go to another marquee company, there’s no shortage of them. But Marquee Monkeys has the edge on the competition for a few key reasons.

First of all, we’re the most adaptable. Not only do we offer marquees but we also have an extensive range of party supplies, such as chairs and tables, dance floors, DJ stations, bars, lighting, and more. And even our marquees are versatile, with standard variations, as well as clear span, and elegant black marquees for hire! This means that we can handle any event, any time, in any place with no issues.

Second is cost. Not only are our marquees (and by extension the events that use them) beautiful, but they’re infinitely more affordable than a standard venue. Also, unlike a standard venue, there’s little restriction on space with our range of sizes of marquee. You need never worry about having too little space when you hire a marquee from us.

Third, our hiring process means that any possible errors or flaws are found and dealt with, guaranteeing a successful event, and a satisfied customer.

So if you’re in need of marquee hire in Toorak, give us a call on 1300 934 414 today!