7 Things to Add to Your Wedding Marquee Hire Checklist.


A wedding is one of the biggest events of your life, and doing it in style is the best way to do it. Many people are seeing the benefits of an outdoor wedding, and who couldn’t with the whole bounty of nature laid at your feet. These special outdoor weddings normally require a marquee, to offer a roof to your guests and a place to sit and eat with your closest friends and family, but arranging a marquee can be a lot more tricky and rewarding than might seem possible.


Check Sizes

One of the most important things to do is check the size of your marquee and how much space you have to work with. Outside and far away from civilisation, space is usually not an issue for a marquee, but closer in, or in national parks or home properties you have space restrictions that you want your marquee to fit within.


Confirm Numbers

Perhaps the best starting point to have, as far as planning is concerned, is an approximate number of guests. As close as you can get to a definite number is ideal, because it allows you to get a large enough marquee, enough food from the caterer, and enough champagne to share in your special moment. Keep in mind that one or two people will likely bring someone without asking, so be ready for a tiny bit of wiggle room.




Weddings go on for hours, and receptions are even longer-lived than that. Planning a wedding for the morning means you might still be celebrating long into the night with your guests, so planning lighting for your marquee is important. You don’t want to be cut off by the setting sun, so ensure you have lights and either a generator or a nearby power source from which to power them.



In the middle of winter, a cold day is to be expected, but in the middle of spring a frosty day can creep up on you without warning, and the later into the night you celebrate, the colder it’s likely to become. Portable large-scale heaters are great for this very problem, and no marquee is toasty at 11 pm without one.



Your sizeable congregation of friends and family members are going to get hungry, and when they do you’re going to have a wonderful caterer ready to satisfy their cravings and give them the sustenance they need to dance the night away. Ensuring you have enough food is easiest when a caterer is brought into the plans, so budget accordingly and let them worry about the meals.



A dance floor is like a stage at a wedding. Everyone knows where it is as soon as they arrive, and sooner or later everyone ends up on it. Get yourself some room to boogie with a solid, reliable surface and do away with any worry of twisted ankles or slipping and falling.


Tables & Chairs

Finally, the things that everyone will be glad to see after several hours of catching up with old friends and relatives; chairs. Having a place for all that food is key as well, so tables and chairs are essential for your plans, and for your marquee hire, as you’ll need to know how many tables you can fit.


With these memory joggers in place, you stand to have the best wedding marquee set up around, so there’s no point in waiting any longer! Start getting quotes and sending invites today!