How To Put On a Fantastic & Natural Outdoor Event.


A lot of fun can be had at outdoor events, and unlike indoor events, people are free to roam around and enjoy nature a bit more. There’s no risk of someone accidentally breaking any family heirlooms, narrowly avoiding spilling red wine on the carpet or leaving a huge mess to clean up.


Food for the Masses

Ensuring that your guests are well-fed is key for any outdoor event, and this goes for corporate get-togethers, anniversaries, parties, weddings, or birthdays. Hiring a caterer is the easiest way to go about this, and it requires next to no work on your part. Simply ensure that you have tables and chairs, and some kind of linens to go on those tables, and you can sit back and let the caterer do the rest.


Plan for the Weather

The weather can always be a little unpredictable, but no matter what you have a fair idea of what the day will be like based on the time of year and the forecast. Planning your event with these things in mind is a great idea because it means that you won’t be caught out by torrential rain or an incredibly sunny day. Ensure you have some form of a marquee to cover your guests’ heads from the weather and your party won’t stop for anything.


Confirm Guest Numbers

This should go without saying, but knowing your numbers to a fairly close approximation is very important when it comes to hosting a successful event in the great outdoors. An erected roof can only shelter so many people, and caterers always prepare for a set number of people, so any extras might not only have to stand out in the sun but also run the risk of going hungry. To ensure everyone has the best possible time, confirm the number before making all the bookings.


Entertainment for All

When planning a big event, it’s important to remember who your guests are, and what their interests are. If your friends and family are coming, do they have families of their own? Will their children be satisfied with polite conversation for a few hours or will they be interested in some activities? Keeping this in mind, it’s always a good idea to provide some entertainment, be it a dance floor or stage, or an open area nearby for some running around to burn off all that excess energy.


Location, Location

Considering the location of your event is something that should be in the back of your mind from the start of the process. National parks are always points of great attraction for things like weddings and anniversaries, but keep in mind how close your location is to everyone, and how easy it will be to get to and from it. Keeping your guests in mind for this is important, as you run the risk of having fewer people show up if it’s in a hard-to-reach location.


With these 5 tips, you are ready to start planning your event, so don’t leave it a moment longer! Get online and start booking today.