The Average Cost of Wedding Marquee Hire.

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It’s no secret that a wedding comes with a pretty big price tag. It is, however, now possible to save some money without compromising on your perfect day. DIY weddings are so in right now and come packed with the advantages of being able to personalise absolutely every detail. When you can create the venue of your dreams without any limitations why wouldn’t you opt for an affordable marquee hire service? Take a look below at our guide to what’s available and the average cost of wedding marquee hire in the ever-growing marquee business.

Average Cost Of Wedding Marquee

Complete with a large range of different sizes and styles to choose from, the average cost of wedding marquee hire is extremely flexible to your budget. However, you’ll need to ask yourself a few questions and plan your marquee wedding before you can determine what’s going to be the right marquee for your big day. How many guests will be attending? Will you have a dancefloor? How many guests will be seated? Will grandma be a little bit cold and require a portable heater?

The answer to these questions will let you know what size marquee you will need and there’s no need to worry about whittling down the numbers, as there are marquees available for over 500 people. Depending on the size of your marquee and it’s layout it would be wise to factor a budget of around $8,000 and $18,000 for a standard structure and once you’ve decided how big your marquee will need to be you can move on to the finer details.

Would you like a teepee style marquee to compliment your natural landscape of choice or would you like a more classic white marquee to compliment your traditional theme? There are also options to add dividing walls for a truly individualized space. It’s important to bear in mind, though, that adding these features will add to the cost of the standard structure cost (hence the upper budget of around $18,000 for those of you who still want to splash out!

Added Marquee Extras

Now you’ve considered the logistics and decided upon the size and style of structure, the fun can begin. There are all sorts of exciting extras that you can choose to add to top off your perfect day that means you can truly personalise your venue. The best bet would be to work with a marquee hire company that also specialises in party hire equipment so you can get all that you need under one roof and perhaps a small discount on the extras. Before you do start to plan the miscellaneous items, it’s important to consider that most companies will charge you per item so the more guests you have the more it will cost. You’ll have the option to choose for a range of different cutlery, chairs, tables and crockery which are basic items you’ll need to make your guests comfortable – these items can be hired for as little as $0.80 per unit. There’s also the option to push the boat out and choose from a range of more unique items such as wine barrels, fans, hay bales and signage to really finish off your theme.


No matter what you envisage for your big day there’s a way to make that dream come true with marquee hire. We often find that this approach to your wedding is the most ideal way for all couples, despite their budget, to customise their venue and make it special for all. If you have never been to a marquee wedding before, they can truly be a spectacular event!

If you have any questions about wedding marquee hire or marquee accessories, our team of marquee specialists will be more than happy to help.