How to Put Together a Community Event.


Event planning is one of those skills that we all would like to believe we have. However, when you get into the nitty-gritty of actually pulling an event together, the perception and reality can be very different. There are a lot of logistical elements that need to come together for that perfect event. Not to mention all the external suppliers you’ll likely be relying on. If you are worried you might miss something, use this guide to help put together your community event.


Remember the weather

Even the best-laid plans can all come unravelled when the heavens open up. Even a perfectly planned event can be undone by rain and terrible weather. When putting together your event consider marquee hire in Melbourne. A beautiful marquee can not only protect your guests from the weather but allow you to add a unique style to your event. If you’re looking for a marquee in Melbourne then contact Marquee Monkeys today for a wide range of marquee hire services.

Marquees come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles. For that extra special event, a marquee can prove the difference as your guests arrive. It will represent a safe space to keep out of the elements, as well as a stylish area to experience all your event has to offer.


Catering is make or break

Food is one of the easiest ways to earn someone’s praise and alternatively their ire. Everyone has a different palate, so taking the specific tastes and preferences of your guests into account will have a huge impact on your event’s success. Depending on the style or layout of your event, that is what will help decide the food option. If you are dealing with a larger space, then why not consider a food truck, or maybe even two.

Food trucks are an excellent way to preserve space, and if you don’t have a kitchen then there is no panic, the kitchen is on the truck. Food trucks can also offer a novel way for your guests to experience different cuisines or a new way of eating. If your event is a bit tighter for space, then perhaps the more traditional style of catering is best.


Volunteers are a must-have

Before you get started you might like to think you can do it all yourself. Let me tell you, you can’t. Setting up an event, making sure everything is set out properly and then trying to put out all the little spotfires that will crop up is impossible on your own. When you are putting together your next event, advertise or ask friends to help.

Build a list of volunteers, the roles they will play and the jobs they will need to complete. Volunteers are worth their weight in gold when it comes to the logistical planning of your event. Develop a run sheet and help volunteers stay focussed on the tasks they need help with. It will make you feel more comfortable and ensure the event runs as smoothly as possible.



As a community event, local community businesses and individuals might likely want to take part in the event. If you are looking for some investment or even just some content for your event, then consider sponsorship. Approach local businesses in the community for sponsorship opportunities or a stall at your event. The people attending will get a kick out of seeing the local community focus of your event and the businesses will be able to demonstrate their willingness to support the community they trade in. Making sure you offer a variety of content at your event is also a big bonus to those who attend.

Planning a community event can seem easy at first, but when you start getting into the details you can quickly discover that it is much bigger than originally anticipated. If you are planning your next community event and want to make sure you tick off all the necessary items, then use a simple guide.