Why A Marquee Could Make Your Kids Party.

Marquee Hire for parties

There’s no denying that kids parties have the potential to be an absolute nightmare for both parents and kids. As a parent, you want to make sure that there is a little bit of something for everybody: activities for the kids, lots of snacks that’ll cater to the tastes of multiple generations, and somewhere quiet for the parents to sit if they need a break from the racket. And kids? How many times have young party-goers broken decor or even hurt themselves by running through a house during a birthday party? If you’re looking to throw a truly memorable (and easy) party for your kids, consider the benefits of hiring a marquee!

Dabble with themes

If you’re even just looking at marquee hire for parties, then you’re already off to a flying start when it comes to thinking outside the box. The major appeal of marquees is the atmosphere of adventure and celebration that they inspire. Marquees provide you with an incredibly versatile environment that can be easily altered or decorated to fit the wildest of themes. From pirates to princesses, dinosaurs to space explorers, or fairies to anywhere remotely in between – your party plans can be brought to life. The only real limit is your imagination.

Unique experiences in a unique space

The contained space of marquees makes those final crucial stages of the party-planning process (like setting up and clearing up) a surprisingly hassle-free experience. If the heart of your party is essentially a giant tent, you’ll find that there’ll be very few limitations plaguing you when it comes to actually planning your event. Marquees provide your guests with a sense of sanctuary and warmth, without drastically limiting the potential space your party has to grow. On top of this, selecting the shape, size and features of your marquee, can allow you to have access to the perfect environment wherein which you will be able to throw a party that meets even your wildest expectations. Having full control over your event space will allow you to subsequently draw from a larger selection of activities that could potentially fill that space. Hire a jumping castle, or circus performers, or go full carnival and cram in as many chocolate fountains, popcorn makers, and cotton candy machines as you can.

Safe and secure

Hosting a jamboree contained by four walls and a roof, can definitely get a little messy at the best of times. House parties are infamous for resulting in an uneasy night’s sleep for most hosts, as you either stay up too late putting your home back together or lie in bed fully aware that there’ll be the mess of thirty people to greet you in the morning. When hiring marquees for your parties, you won’t need to be putting any of your personal belongings at risk, nor would you have to sacrifice your home for the sake of the evening. Even your guests will feel more secure within a marquee than they would in a more limited space. The marquee defines the event space and ensures that all your younger guests stay within the confines of the party. It goes without saying that if you manage to throw a kids party where nothing breaks, nobody gets hurt, and nobody goes missing, you will have truly succeeded.


The main issue that a lot of parents are facing nowadays, is growing consistent and predictable when it comes to celebrations like birthdays and Christmas. Show your kids that you go against the mold and craft their dream parties within a magical marquee!