Outdoor Christmas Party Ideas To Get You Feeling Festive.

Christmas Party

Well it’s that time of year again, and didn’t it come around quickly? The festive season is a celebration of family, friends and great outdoor gatherings. This Christmas, kick it up a notch and put on an outdoor soiree that will blow your friends and family away. There is nothing wrong with returning to those classic party ideas either, but let’s see how we can add some extra shine to those festive feasts.

Long Lunch

Who doesn’t love a long lunch? This style of dining is perfect for warmer weather, and it’s a twist on the classic festive lunch. Put some trestle tables together, and form a long table complete with tasteful decorations suitable for a daytime gathering. To add a touch of luxury, think about a Christmas marquee hire. Not only will this weather-proof your lunch plans, but it will feel more intimate and exclusive. You can either time your courses to come out on que, but it may be easier to set up a buffet-style offering so that your guests can graze all afternoon long at a more leisurely pace. It also gives you the opportunity to put on a festive spread that will look incredible all presented as one feast.

Christmas Karaoke

Let’s be honest, we count down the days until Christmas so that we can bust out the Michael Buble and Mariah Carey albums and sing along until Christmas morning. Not to mention watching Love Actually and Home Alone – to name only a few! Make a list of all those songs that you associate with Christmas and put on an outdoor Christmas Karaoke event. It could even be as simple as hooking up your device to your TV screen and play those Christmas tunes through Spotify or YouTube. The best part? You get to watch all those Christmas movies and listen to all those Christmas playlists as “research”.

The classic Chrissy BBQ

Sometimes the old way is the best way. And this couldn’t be more true of a festive BBQ. If you don’t want anything too complicated, the classic Christmas BBQ is the way to go. If you have a large family or big group of friends, you could hire a spit to roast meat in conjunction with your BBQ’s firing. Remember to accommodate vegetarians and those with dietary requirements, and throw in some seafood and salad options to break up those BBQ favourites. If you want to really distinguish this BBQ as a festive do, set a theme of Christmas attire to get things feeling merry.

Cocktail event

If you are looking to take this to a new level of luxe, plan an outdoor cocktail event. Chances are many of your guests are not attending too many Christmas cocktail events, so steer off the beaten track and spoil them. There are so many great festive tapas you can make, complete with some yuletide cocktails that will get everyone feeling nice and festive. A Christmas marquee hire will really set the scene for this event, as will some festoon lighting to soften the evening.

Outdoor parties are synonymous with Summer and the festive season. Throw a bash that will be remembered for Christmas’ to come, and try something a little different. Take a walk around your backyard and look for inspiration, you will be surprised by how much a stylish marquee and ambient lighting can set the scene for festive fun.