What Are Clear Span Marquees?.

By Posted in - Marquee Hire on June 17th, 2019 clear span marquees

With so many variables to consider when it comes to party hire or wedding marquees it can be hard to choose what’s really right for you. When deciding upon the structure in which to house your celebration, it’s important to consider the information below about what are clear span marquees, why they are perfect and how they have become the most popular choice for party planners.

A Blank Canvas

Clear span marquees give you the perfect blank canvas to create any backdrop you wish. Different from a traditional pole tent it relies on the metal framework and spikes that secure baseplates to the ground. This means that there are no exposed poles inside which gives you the freedom to decorate it however you wish. It also allows for large decorative structures and any equipment hire purchases to be placed inside to help pull off the faultless theme.

Weather Proof

We all know how unforgiving mother nature can be and the last thing you want is her ruining your event. All clear span marquees are completely waterproof so there’s no chance the rain can overthrow your celebration. There’s also an option to rent heaters or air conditioning units for when the extreme weather decides to rear it’s head. Clear span marquees are also UV resistant which helps them create the ideal place to grab some shade in the summer months.


Clear span marquees can be erected anywhere. Whether you’re on grass or concrete you’ll have no problem creating your idyllic venue for your guests to enjoy. There’s also a range of different sizes and shapes to choose from meaning you can tailor the marquee to your event. If your event is low key and cozy then they’ll be a marquee for you and if you’re pushing the boat out and inviting a large group there’s also a marquee for you.

Added Extras

With Marquee hire comes the option to purchase extras. With flooring, lighting, cutlery, and dinnerware on offer, the company of your choice can cater for all your needs taking the hassle out of the planning and helping you create the desired theme.


All in all clear span marquees offer you the traditional look with so much room to tailor the space to meet all your needs. Above is just a snapshot of the possibilities you are faced with when choosing such a versatile structure.