What Price Should You Pay for a Marquee Rental?.

What Price Should You Pay For Marquee

Australian weather is so beautiful that you need not rent a building to hold events. Whether planning an intimate beach wedding or a graduation party, Australians have options when deciding on a location for their event. However, while you have plenty of choices, marquee rentals can add a touch of class to your event.

Marquees are great for holding outdoor events when the Australian heat can get the best of even the most experienced reveller or when the winter chill can be biting. While similar to tents, many marquees dress up your affair by adding a bit of style to your outdoor decorations. Even so, many find that renting one can be quite expensive, and as the expenses for your affair add up, some can break your budget. However, with the number of marquee rentals available today, you can find one that not only adds flair to your event but is also within your budget.

Continue reading below for tips on how much you should pay to rent a marquee for your next event.

Decide On the Amount of Space Needed

One factor in determining the cost of your rental is the number of guests attending the affair. To estimate how much space you might need, calculate one square metre per guests. For smaller parties, you might only need a marquee that is 20 ft wide while larger parties require more room. You have to also plan for whether your gathering will require a private bar, buffet, dance floor and DJ.

Other factors to consider include whether your affair is a formal one with tables and seating or more informal. Basically, the more people and space you need the higher the price. If you are on a budget, one way to keep the price down is to reduce the number of attendees.

Estimate the Length of the Event

Length of time also impacts the cost of the rental. Depending on the event, the marquee might have to be set up days in advance. For weddings, in particular, these rentals are usually set up a few days before the event. You also need to include the time it takes for you to pack things up as well. Larger events are more expensive because of the time it takes to set the marquee up and clean up the area after the event.

Time of Year

In the summer, you might need to worry about the weather when the climate is favourable to outdoor events. However, in the winter when it is much cooler, you are going to want to outfit your marquee with heating and flooring to keep the place warm and insulated. This also affects the price of the rental.

Also, renting during peak seasons might also affect the price. In the summer or wedding season, you might have to search far and wide for affordable marquee rentals. During peak times, prices tend to increase significantly.

Pricing Marquee Rentals

While there is no set rate among companies, the price of your marquee is influenced by a few factors. However, if you are trying to get a rough estimate of what you will spend on renting a marquee, the average price of a marquee usually costs $27-$55 per person. For roughly $27, you would get a marquee with simple lighting, matting and furniture. Your costs increase with the addition of flooring (carpet or wood), furniture, night sky, etc.

Marquees for Every Budget

When looking for an appropriate rental, those who prepare in advance can snag a deal, especially during off-peak times. Rule of thumb, though, you can find an affordable, appropriate marquee, but the more space you need the more it will cost. In the end, however, the memories that linger after the event has long past are more valuable than the cost itself.