Winter Is Coming – How to Keep Your Backyard Party Alive This Winter.

By Posted in - Events on April 30th, 2018 outdoor party in winter

As we step out of the mild autumn and into the colder winter, everyone is looking for ideas to entertain. You could go it alone or you could hire in some professional help for planning your event. Either way, you can keep your backyard bouncing despite the colder months arriving.

While there is only so much you can do in the winter, there are still plenty of festive ideas that can make any party come alive. For those on a budget or for those who love extravagance, you can organise a backyard party that will definitely be the talk of the town, or at least your social circle, for the season. From food to decorations and everything in between, your get-together will be simpler to plan than you think.

To learn more about planning a memorable backyard party, continue reading below.

Go with Back Party Hire or Go it Alone

While you might find it cheaper to plan the event yourself, you might find it easier to enlist the help of professional event planners for your party. A complete backyard party hire company, can help you create an event that leaves your guests in awe of your party skills. If you find that you cannot afford to hire professionals for your gathering, enlist the help of friends to make your event go off without a hitch.

Use the Outdoors to Your Advantage

The outdoors environment prevents you with the opportunity to bring a little creativity to the table. Drawing from the nostalgia of your childhood, you can organize your backyard party around a bonfire outfitted with the appropriate drinks. Turn hot chocolate or flavoured coffee into hot toddies and pair with cookies or other light refreshments. If watching those calories, swap the toddy for spiced cider. If children are a part of the scene, you can make alcohol-free options available for the kids.

For cosier, more intimate gatherings, exchange the bonfire setting and gather everyone around to share fondue over a fire.

For larger crowds, consider turning your backyard party into an outdoor theatre for the evening. Provide a lot of throw blankets for your guests and comfortable seating, pop some popcorn, in addition to other snacks, and watch as everyone enjoys a favourite film. Setting up a home theatre is as simple as hanging a white sheet on the side of the house, and renting a screen projector. Many screen projectors can be rented cheaply and are simple to use.

If you want to keep guests warm, organise a themed dance that will allow everyone to tap into their creativity. Whether you decide on retro-styled clothing or a costume party, the outdoors works to your benefit in that there is plenty of space to shake your booty. For a more informal event, organize a block party and invite the neighbours as well. Dance on the grass or rent flooring from a backyard party hire company, who can provide you with the appropriate floor for your event. Then, hire one of the neighbourhood kids to DJ the party, and ask your friends to contribute to the playlist.

Organize on a Budget or Go All Out

Fun is fun regardless of the budget. Planning an enjoyable event that provides your guests with the diversions that are the most talked about all season can be done expertly by hiring someone or planning it on your own. Your backyard provides you with plenty of space to entertain friends and family while at the same time providing you with some inspiration to create an awesome backyard party.