Price: $1,800 (INSTALLED)


 This 6 x 15 marquee will give every attendee plenty of room to roam for special occasions such as sales conventions, weddings or even just events that celebrate long and happy marriages or anniversaries. This marquee will accommodate 75 seated guests or 100 stand attendees, combining versatility with the spirit of elegance.


Marquee Capacity:

  • Seats: 75
  • Stands: 100


Key Features:

  • Spacious and Flexible: Up to 75 seated or 100 standing guests are able to be accommodated within the marquee at any one time–ideal for a diverse range of events.


  • Layouts That Match Your Needs: Layouts that suit the specific requirements of your event, for instance an open plan format that is most suitable when networking or a single-deck banquet style may be preferred if it’s all about dining.


  • High-Quality Materials: The marquee consists of durable materials and stays intact regardless of the weather, enabling you to rest assured that it will remain elegant and reliable.


  • Quick And Thorough Installation: Our professional team will ensure that your event runs smoothly with swift all-out setup and rigging services.


  • Modern Design: The marquee’s contemporary style establishes a fashionable vibe that will enhance the overall experience for happier gatherings.


With its ample space and stylish presentation, our 6m x 15m marquee offers an ideal setting for those who are interested in an outing that is at once refreshing in aspect and memorable after the event is over. For more information or to reserve this marquee for your next celebration, please call us at 1300 934 414 directly.