Price: $1080 (INSTALLED)


Our 6 x 9 marquee is perfect for smaller, more intimate events such as private parties, specialised small business launches, and many other occasions of a tight knit nature are all perfect applications for this marquee. Cuddly and snug, this marquee may seat 45 people or host up to 60 people, all of whom are standing. If you prefer to cultivate a cuddly and welcoming setting, go with our smaller marquee.


Marquee Capacity:

  • Seats: 45
  • Stands: 60


Key Features:

  • Small and Compact Size: It is comfortably seated 45 chairs or 60 standing guests, making it ideal for fantastic gatherings for a personal feel.


  • Available Layout Option: The layout will be perfect for small dinners seating or casual drinks standing, make the floor your canvas. You are sure to find a design that beautifully captures and displays your function style.


  • Quality-Built: Our marquees are built with highest quality materials so nasty surprises can ruin your beautifully planned event at all.


  • Quick Set Up: Our specialist installation team will make sure the components get set up as quickly as they can to allow for personal and unforgettable moments.


  • Elegant Look: The marquee will surely be eye catching enough to enhance your event’s ambiance.


Whatever you feel like planning for your next upcoming event, this marquee is your perfect small venue for more impressive and comfortable settings. If you are ready to get our 6 x 9 marquees to purchase for your next event, please contact or call us at 1300 934 414 today for more information.