Price: $2,160 (INSTALLED)


Our 6m x 18m marquee is for you if you are looking to create an atmosphere that invites everyone for your next event. The marquee is perfect for events in the mid-sized range such as community meetings, corporate functions, or intimate weddings. Our marquee can comfortably accommodate up to 90 guests seated or 120 standing guests, creating the perfect balance between intimacy and interaction.


Marquee Capacity:

  • Seats: 90
  • Stands: 120


Key Features:

  • Perfectly Balanced Space: Offer a space that is perfectly balanced for your upcoming event. Customise the area to your desire, whether it is a luxurious arrangement or a relaxation pub.


  • Durable Build Quality: Build quality that can withstand the weather, ensuring your event goes off without a hitch.


  • Installation and Dismantling: Installation and removal by our crew to reduce your logistical load; easy to configure and dismantle.


  • Elegant Appearance: Its elegant appearance enhances the event atmosphere, making it a memorable experience for all guests.


If you are looking for a fun way to surprise your guests, our 6m x 18m marquee is the way to go. For more information or to reserve our marquee, visit our website or speak with us directly at 1300 934 414.