The Sunlit Soiree – How to Plan the Perfect Spring Party.

By Posted in - Events on October 25th, 2017 marquee-party-blury

Spring is the best time of year to have a party. Unlike Summer, Spring doesn’t have legions of insects and scorching heat to dissuade party-goers. Unlike Winter, Spring is free of icy winds and single digit temperatures, and unlike Autumn, Spring isn’t swamped with millions of slippery fallen leaves upon which your guests can trip.

Spring presents mild, sunny days with flower scents on the air and a veritable sea of greenery to feast your eyes on. We have put together a few ways to ensure your Spring party is the best you can possibly throw.



Picking The Right Day

First up, the day you choose to have your party on is very important. Spring is an endless buffet of beautiful warm days and blue skies, but choose wrong and you’ll be spending the one stormy, rainy day in the season having a party with your waterlogged guests.

The earlier in Spring you plan your party, the more likely you are to experience the rain, and the later you plan it, the more likely you are to spend it sweltering in a pre-summer heatwave. Aiming for the middle of the season is a good idea, and you should find the weather more agreeable.


Choosing the Perfect Location

Where you base your party ground is the next very important consideration.

Too far out into the country and you’ll find yourself trying to find ways to ferry all of your friends out to your event and home again afterwards, too close to the city and there won’t be any available nature areas in which to host an outdoor party with a beautiful marquee.

The suburbs are a good middle ground for this location conundrum, and they allow your city-bound friends to spend time without having to journey for hours at a time, and your country friends are afforded the same luxury.


Getting The Right Marquee

Up next is the issue of choosing the right marquee.

An outdoor party isn’t complete without a marquee, and getting the right one for your party means knowing how many people are showing up, whether you’ll be having a sit-down dinner, and whether or not you’ll be playing music. The numbers allow you to choose an appropriately sized marquee. The dinner lets you plan whether or not you’ll need to hire tables and chairs for your meal, and the music helps you settle on whether or not you’ll need bluetooth speaker access.


Filling The Guestlist

We’re almost ready to party, and the next item on the list is the guest list itself. Picking all of your friends in the whole world might not be the best idea, as the marquee can only hold so many. That would surely be a party to end all parties.

Your closest friends all bringing one or two people, however, allows for a good ratio of old friends to new ones, and you’ll have a great time meeting people and hearing new stories.


Enjoy Your Party

Finally, you can sit back and enjoy your party. Your guests and chatting and laughing, music is everywhere, and the warm, lazy air of Spring hangs around everyone with an effortless cool. The perfect Spring party isn’t that hard to sort out, if you know where to look for hints.

That’s all the work there is to a perfect Spring party, so what are you waiting for? We’re in the middle of Spring, and now is the perfect time for you to get to work planning, so wait no more!