Consider This Before Hiring Your Marquee.


6 Things To Consider Before Hiring Your Marquee – Hiring a marquee is a hallmark of a wonderful event, and things like weddings, birthdays and anniversaries are standard fare for a marquee.

All of the planning associated with a big event also applies to hiring your marquee, as there is a degree of complexity involved in the planning that many people overlook. To make this planning process as simple as possible, we’ve thrown together a short list of things to consider before hiring your marquee.


1. Book A Marquee In Advance

The first thing that needs to be said is that booking in advance is crucial for your marquee.

A lot of people don’t realize that marquee companies can, in fact, run out of marquees and that contrary to popular belief, we don’t have endless supplies of any size you may want. Booking in advance is key because if you leave it till later, you might miss out altogether.


2. Plan Size and Shape

Marquees are not all the same size and shape, and this is reflected by their many uses.

What’s right for a 50th-anniversary party for your grandparents might not be right for a wedding. So, for different events, there are different sizes and shapes of marquees. Knowing what you need from your marquee company before you call to make your booking takes away a lot of the work and time you might have to put in trying to adjust it later if you hadn’t planned properly.


3. Know Your Guests

Your guests are your responsibility, and ensuring they have as good a time as you are is the goal of any gracious host. Knowing what will make them most comfortable will help to provide things for them without them needing to ask. Having a birthday party in the middle of winter? A heater in your marquee is a great idea, and it saves them the trouble of needing to rug up beforehand.


4. Know Your Location

Where you will host this lavish get-together is key when reserving your marquee, because different geographical locations require different support solutions for the top. A muddy locale will likely need a floating wooden floor installed, the uneven ground might call for some inventive placement of your marquee, and a completely flat, stable surface could save you some money on either of the above.


5. Budget Conservatively

Remember to include all of your costs in your budget, including the marquee and any extras you might want to hire. So many times people have gotten to the stage where they need to pay before they realize they didn’t account for a major ticket item like the marquee, and that can put a real dampener on the special occasion. Allow some wiggle room in your budget for any potential mishaps and you’ll more likely than not come away with a little extra.


6. Overestimate Your Guests

Your marquee company will want to know how many people are coming, as we have a fair idea of the size of marquee you’ll need based on your headcount. It’s always best to overestimate a little on the final headcount because if it’s a wedding there’s bound to be a couple of plus ones that were accidentally forgotten in all the rush of planning. Get a firm figure, then add 5-10 places for any extras, and then use that number for your estimate for your marquee company. It’s good to have a bit of extra room in a busy event, anyway.


With these tips in mind, you’re ready to tackle the hiring process, and your event couldn’t be better planned, so don’t stall a moment longer!