Seasonal Considerations For Your Outdoor Event.

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Outdoor events tend to fill up fast. They give your guests an opportunity to mingle in the elements, and make the most of the natural light and landmarks surrounding your event. But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. In fact, it can be closer to pouring rain and thundering storms. Find out how you can have your event and enjoy it too, by planning for the seasons.


Preparing for outdoor summer events

Summer is arguably the finest time of year to be outdoor for an event. The days are longer, the dress codes are casual, and everyone seems to be lighter in the warmer weather. Summer also has a more unpredictable side, which is why marquee hire is an important consideration during the summer season. Heat waves, storms and sun showers are all common in summer, but none of these surprises need to ruin an event with a quality marquee in place.


Preparing for outdoor autumn events

Autumn is a preferred month for many individuals who aren’t too excited by the cold or the heat. It’s a great time of year for an outdoor event, as the days are finer and the natural landscape starts to change colour and form. Because it precedes winter and quickly follows summer, there will be some residual effects at your outdoor event. Hiring a marquee will save you having to stress about either climates, and it will be open enough for you to step outside and take in the autumn aesthetics.


Preparing for outdoor winter events

Outdoor events in winter invite the opportunity to furnish your event with rich warm textures, bonfires and firepits. While the weather is not likely to rain, storm or shower – you will still want a marquee to keep you covered and contain the heat. Most winter events will happen indoors, which can be annoying for guests who dress for winter only to find they are stuffy inside a confined room. You can even cap it off with a luxurious theme, so that your guests can lean into the warmer tones and dress in a more formal attire.


Preparing for outdoor spring events

It can sometimes feel like a lifetime waiting for spring to roll around. The winter months tend to take a hold, and the anticipation grows for spring to grace us with its blooms and warmer weather. Outdoor events in spring are loved by all, but they can be windy affairs with a few spring showers keeping those new flowers hydrated. A marquee in spring will be a stunning addition to your outdoor event, and will keep the windy elements at bay and invite the pleasant elements into your event.


Your outdoor events should be able to take place year round, regardless of the seasons. Hiring a quality marquee will counter any seasonal surprises or mishaps that are commonly associated with outdoor entertaining. Plan your seasonal event by contacting Marquee Monkeys online, or call 1300 934 414.